Sometimes, when it’s really quiet, I see my old life playing out like some old vhs home movie. And I see my old life happening in places where my new life is.
Today, I smelled breakfast the way my mom used to make it. With bacon and eggs sizzling on a cast iron pan and rice on the table in the center in a rice cooker. I have this flower in my kitchen that used to hang in our kitchen in my house when we were kids so I don’t know if this helped, but for a second I was no longer in my kitchen.

And when I realized when I was, I was back.

I would give someone my left arm to be able to have breakfast with my parents right now.


yassthetic asked:

look don't cover up jewish problems by calling them white problems are you serious here

dynastylnoire answered:

Why are you following me? You’ve been looking for me to post something that could possibly be antisemitic for weeks, if not longer and you’re not going to get it

White Jewish people have white privilege.   Because of that when people do antisemitic things the whole world goes in an up roar. While blatantly racist acts, as I listed them, are ignored at laughed at and made into billion dollar businesses.



leo1oser said: first of all lets not play ‘my social justice movement is better than your social justice movement’

QN: No one is saying anything about social justice. This is about facts. Go troll someone else.

First of all Black Jewish people need places to speak up about how non Black Jewish people display forms of bigotry and I don’t think queen has done anything to impede that. You on the other hand didn’t seem to give our existence even a bat of your eye. So please put your blinker on an return to your lane in an orderly fashion. Oppression Olympics my ass. That’s what they say when they don’t want to acknowledge an existence or two.